Paint Enhancement

Paint Enhancement: 5-6 hours avg

The Paint Enhancement packages are great for an all around clean without breaking the bank. All surfaces both inside and out receive a thorough cleaning. We finish this detail with a hand applied polymer sealant or carnuba wax to bring depth and clarity to your vehicle's paint.


Paint Enhancement 2

  • Swirl free handwash w/ microfibre or wool washmitt
  • Door jambs, wheels, wheel wells, exhaust tips detailed
  • Engine bay detailed and dressed to matte finish
  • Exterior surfaces decontaminated with claybar
  • Hand applied polymer sealant
  • Interior surfaces cleaned with interior cleaner and microfibre towel
  • Steering wheel detailed to remove contaminants and oils
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned
  • Dry brush and vacuum carpets
  • Detail air vents and panel seams
  • Interior Glass Cleaned

Small & Medium Cars (from $240)

Trucks & SUVs (from $280)