Apex Blue S2000 CR

S2000 CR Paint Correction & Bulletproof Ceramic Coating

Purpose built S2000 club racer came in for a paint correction and Bulletproof ceramic coating application. This is a well known car with the local autocross club and track enthusiasts. The Apex Blue colour code was only offered on S2000 club racer models and S2000s made in 2007/2008. Being an autocross car, much of the lower parts of the bumper and fenders had been scuffed/scratched from marking cones.  We remedied this with Rupes compound and Rupes Blue Polishing Pad, this levelled out many of the scratches leaving behind only what may be removed by wetsand. We also spent the time to polish the soft top cover as it was looking dull.  Ultimately after a lengthy paint correction we protected this autocross built car with Bulletproof Ceramic Coating. This coating offers superior protection at a lower price point and offers great durability and gloss!