ProjectDetail goes to Xpel PPF Training - San Antonio TX

We spent the week at the Xpel headquarters learning the techniques to properly lay down clear bra or also known as paint protection film(ppf). Paint protection films greatly benefit all cars as they protect your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, etching and more. The course ran Monday to Thursday at their San Antonio training facility.

Throughout the week we learned the techniques to lay down film over various body shapes ranging from bulges, valleys, and edges. We then gradually progressed to wrapping hoods, bumpers, fenders, and mirrors. Each vehicle we practiced on presented a different set of challenges. From learning ways to make use of Xpel's installation gel to remove air pockets, learning to wrap edges for a seamless install, we had a jam packed week full of new things to learn. 

I have nothing but great things to say about Xpel as a product and organization. The film they offer is top notch and offers a great self healing capability to repair light to medium scratches and keep the film looking great for years to come. Traditionally clear bra films would become yellow over time and leave a noticeable change in colour over where film is applied. Xpel films will not yellow and is virtually invisible when installed properly. The trainers I had were Alex and Ryan and helped to keep the class fun yet still touch on every point needed to ensure we leave feeling confident. That being said there will be some time before I offer this as a service. I will be practicing on a few cars to perfect this and hope to offer this very soon! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


- Brendan S


New Year, New Site, New Changes!

Hey guys,

I'm proud to bring to you the newly redesigned ProjectDetail website. The new format is built to be an easy to navigate and more visual web page. All photos and videos are local cars that I've had a chance to take pictures or videos of. I have integrated a blog with my website for a short word on any exciting cars I'm able to share with you, as well as new products and packages we're bringing forward.

I'm also equally excited to announce that we will soon be offering Xpel Paint Protection Film for the ultimate protection for your vehicle. Xpel is a thick clear film that goes overtop your paint to protect your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, and any other physical damage. Xpel films offer the highest form of protection and boast a self healing top coat on their Xpel Ultimate and Xpel Stealth (matte) films.

Have a look around my website, and please comments and suggestions are always welcomed. I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you and your car at ProjectDetail in the near future!


Brendan Siu

Apex Blue S2000 CR

S2000 CR Paint Correction & Bulletproof Ceramic Coating

Purpose built S2000 club racer came in for a paint correction and Bulletproof ceramic coating application. This is a well known car with the local autocross club and track enthusiasts. The Apex Blue colour code was only offered on S2000 club racer models and S2000s made in 2007/2008. Being an autocross car, much of the lower parts of the bumper and fenders had been scuffed/scratched from marking cones.  We remedied this with Rupes compound and Rupes Blue Polishing Pad, this levelled out many of the scratches leaving behind only what may be removed by wetsand. We also spent the time to polish the soft top cover as it was looking dull.  Ultimately after a lengthy paint correction we protected this autocross built car with Bulletproof Ceramic Coating. This coating offers superior protection at a lower price point and offers great durability and gloss!

993 RS Paint Correction & Coating

993 RS Paint Correction & Bulletproof Coating

Good client and friend I've known for a while started playing with Datsuns and has eventually graduated on to Porsches.  This is his Speed Yellow 993 RS (conversion) sitting very nicely on Porsche fuschs wrapped with Yokohama AD08R.  This car is a purpose built Porsche, legwork done through a set of JRZ RS Pro coilovers, a stiff yet very supple ride.  

The car had some paint defects that we levelled out with wetsanding on the rear quarters.  We performed a single stage paint correction on the rest of the paint work and coated it with a healthy dose of Bulletproof Ceramic Coating.