Headlight Restoration

Headlight lenses are prone to rock chips, scratches, and fading/oxidation from the sun's UV rays. Overtime this can lead to the headlight lens looking dull and hazed. This can be remedied and protected with our headlight restoration. We begin this process with the appropriate grit wet sanding paper (1000/1500/2000/3000). The headlights are sanded down to remove deep scratches and finished off with the a fine grit sand paper to remove any defects left over. Once the sanding process is finished, we polish the lens to remove any sanding marks and bring clarity to the lenses. Once polished to clarity, we then protect the lens with the appropriate ceramic coating to protect the lenses for years to come.

Headlight restoration

  • Clean & prep headlights
  • Mask off surrounding areas
  • Begin sanding process with low grit working to high grit finishing sandpaper
  • Polish out sanding marks with compound to restore clarity back to lens
  • Remove any residual polish oils from lens
  • Apply selected coating to protect lens for years to come

from $45.00 per headlight lens