Engine Bay Detailing

Our engine bay detail begins with a visual inspection of your vehicle's seals, gaskets, pumps, and block. We look for any signs of leaks or cracks throughout your engine bay to notify you of any damage before a failure can occur. The engine bay detail begins with our visual inspection, and then on to cleaning the underside of your hood. We then move on to detailing the hinges and any nooks and crannies we are able to get into. All plastics are thoroughly degreased and dressed to a matte, dry, non greasy sheen.


Engine Bay Detail

  • Visual inspection of engine bay (pumps, reservoirs, gaskets, seals, engine block)
  • Underside of hood cleaned
  • Degrease engine bay components
  • Blow out standing moisture
  • Metal polish applicable surfaces
  • Dress engine bay to dry, matte, grease free sheen

from $60.00